the unfolding of a Caledon intern 1the unfolding of a Caledon intern 1

My name is Morgan, and I am currently an Account Coordinator at Caledon Virtual, but I didn’t start out that way. First, I had to be an intern.

Let the groans commence…

Everyone dreads this rite of passage, and I was no exception. Entering into the last year of my undergraduate degree was stressful enough and adding another layer of responsibility was almost more than I could take. But, alas I was ready to pay my dues. I wanted to land a job, and apparently, this was the way to do it.

Fortunately, my experience as an intern was NOTHING like I had imagined, and the lessons I learned are invaluable.  Here are five (surprising) truths I gathered along the way:

Truth #1: My perception was ALL wrong.

Internships have always made me think of something temporary, boring, and a place where all you did was file papers and run errands.  NOT THE CASE! (See truth 3) Here at Caledon, we do Brainstorms.  YES! Every week.  This was a foreign word all of my Marketing teachers gabbed about, but I never put much thought into it.  It’s amazing to see the innovation that emerges from five or six people lounging around calling out whatever comes to mind. Very entertaining!

Truth #2: Fun at work is not overrated.

You can be at work and have fun! The first day I walked in to meet Nelly, I was in awe at the #Badass work environment at Caledon.  What do I mean by #Badass?  The office is kitschy and fun, music is always playing to boost moods, the creative juices flow freely, and they have office dogs!

Truth #3: Stressing out is not always a bad thing; sometimes it means great things are happening.

Remember how I mentioned I thought all I would do at any internship was file papers and run errands? Not the case, I actually do work that matters and I love it.  Yes, it can be fast-paced, and that definitely adds stress, however once I got used to it and learned how to control the stress, I found that I actually thrived! The best part is when the task is completed and I can look back over the gigantic mountain I just climbed. SO rewarding.

Truth #4: Coffee is a must.

As a college student, I’m living a life of sleepless nights and endless studying. Thankfully, at Caledon, the coffee flows like water. If it wasn’t for this daily (okay, hourly) pick-me-up, I don’t know what I’d do. Seriously.

Truth #5: I cannot know everything.

On a serious note, feeling like you are constantly behind the 8-ball can be scary in a fast-paced environment. However, working at Caledon has taught me that it’s okay to ask questions and be confused. Everyone here has offered gracious patience as I attempt tasks I never thought possible. I have found that as long as I have a teachable spirit and a willingness to dive head in, everything always falls into place.

Looking for an intern opportunity this summer? Keep an eye on our Job Openings—we’ll be rolling them out before you know it!