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We’re going to let you in on a secret; we at Caledon Virtual are professional communicators. In the 21st century, that means we do much of our professional communicating online. We asked our phone and Internet provider, Socket, to add a secondary line last Wednesday. Because the line was being put in, we had no phone service. This, as you might imagine was a problem which didn’t make us very happy. In fact, our Executive Director Nelly Roach had this to say:

If you know Nelly, you know that is the equivalent of a baseball manager exploding and throwing bases all around the field. No phones for Caledon Virtual is not a good thing. We rely on telephonic communication every day to keep in touch with our clients.

Then we woke up on Saturday morning we had no Internet. And Socket wasn’t going to open until 11 a.m. Three hours without Internet service is more than a problem; it brings our business to a screeching halt, which means we aren’t meeting the promises we’ve made to our clients.

We immediately called Socket customer service who was then extremely responsive, appropriate and got our issues solved. While the three hours of waiting to get all of our phone and Internet services restored was horrific, the extra mile Socket went to solve our issues and to then follow up and acknowledge how much they regretted our hardship is the number one reason we’ve been a loyal Socket customer for more than 14 years. We recommend that you follow Socket on Twitter, connect with them on Facebook, and do business with them. You won’t regret it.