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The New England Patriots and the New York Giants face off on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI. The most watched few hours of TV each year are nearly upon us and we’re incredibly excited for…the commercials. It’s true. The game is like the tortilla chip. Simply a vehicle to deliver the seven-layer dip to our waiting mouths. In fact, with the pre-release of several of the commercials in advance of the Super Bowl, it looks like this will be an amazing year for ads. Three have caught our eye thus far.

Honda – Lots of people thought their ad was the preview for a new Ferris Bueller movie.   It’s not (sadly), but it is sure to stand out on Sunday.

Volkswagen – Last year, Volkswagen did the impossible. It made Darth Vader cute. This year, it continues the Star Wars theme, and we even get a visit from an old friend.

Budweiser – Budweiser is home to some of the most memorable commercials in Super Bowl history. Bud Bowl. The 9/11 tribute and many others. This year’s ad is truly spectacular, and is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Of course, there are the Patriots and Giants team feeds, the NFL, and NBC Sports to follow. Don’t forget the hashtags either. #SuperBowl, #Giants and #Patriots are three to look into. Our favorite hashtag during last year’s game was #BrandBowl. Instant analysis of the commercials and implications for the brands behind them added much enjoyment to last year’s game. What are you most looking forward to?