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For the past few months, we’ve been highlighting the people who inspire us in our work at Caledon Virtual. We feel this series has run its natural course, and today’s entry is the last of this particular series. To wrap it up, we felt it appropriate to go back to The Beginning.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away Michael and Nelly didn’t know each other. Then, they both took jobs at a place called DATASTORM. The sparks flew, heads went over heels, and many (but not too many, of course) years later, you have Caledon Virtual and the Roach family. This is difficult to overstate, but we truly owe our current lives to three very important men. Bruce Barkelew, Tom Smith, and Stephen Monaco. These men were the brains and heart behind DATASTORM, and they taught us a very important lesson: build the business you’ve always wanted to work for.

That is the driving force behind what we do here at Caledon Virtual. What is the best thing we can take from every person we’ve worked for, or with, over the course of our careers? We analyze that and the implement it. These various traits are what have built us as people, and Caledon Virtual as an entity over the years. So connect with Bruce and Stephen (try as we might, we couldn’t find a social media presence for Tom, but connect with his newest endeavor, Flat Branch Pub & Brewing) and with DATASTORM. They are the most inspirational people of all for us because they started “us”. In every possible way.