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Being a property manager takes skill – and guts! The responsibility of overseeing your tenants, managing properties, while growing your business is quite the juggling act. It’s multitasking at its finest. So, how do you grow your business using digital marketing and why is it vital to use these days? We want to highlight the best ways to use online tools to market your property and interact with potential customers. 

We want to show you why property management digital marketing is crucial to your success.

Marketing for today’s property manager looks drastically different than the traditional marketing strategy. People are online now more than ever and go to the internet to make purchase decisions and get to know your company and brand. The internet is your most valuable resource to market your business effectively and stand out among your competitors.

Here are the 4 Reasons Property Management Digital Marketing Is Vital:

  1. Meet Possible Tenants Where They Are
  2. Measure Your ROI With Digital Marketing
  3. Stand Out From Your Property Management Competitors
  4. Pay Per Click Advertising is Critical For Property Management Lead Generation

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, in simpler terms, is utilizing online marketing strategies to build your brand and promote your services. For a property manager specifically, it’s best for creating online exposure for your properties and vacancies. It’s a great tool to connect with people looking to rent a place in your area!

Some vehicles of digital marketing efforts:

1. Meet Possible Tenants Where They Are

1.3 million new users joined social media every day in 2020. (Hootsuite) Getting on social media and building your brand through this digital marketing tool can put you ahead of your competitors. Why? More people are online today than ever before. The more you are on social media, the better visibility you have. Use social media to showcase your listings and interact with your online audience. Social media allows you to further build your brand and create trust between you and your audience through valuable content. Here are some ways to utilize social media as a property manager:

  • Use Facebook to post about your listings (Upload photos, videos, & links to your website)
  • Instagram – Create behind the scene stories (give your audience a look into your property/community)
  • Showcase your team with “Meet the Team” posts 
  • Use hashtags on Instagram to help your content become discoverable by your audience  
  • Re-post social media photos taken from your tenants (encourage staff/residents to share photos they take with you and use your custom hashtags)
  • Respond to reviews and comments on social media
  • Post content that is helpful and relevant to your industry
  • Track your growth with social media analytics (measures the success of each post & how to improve)

The Volume of Users on Platforms

Understanding the volume of users on each platform can help you choose which one could be most effective for you and determine where you start. Here’s a look at current volume stats worldwide of users according to leading providers of market and consumer data. 

2. Measure Your ROI With Digital Marketing 

One of the main differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is the ability to track your ROI. Return on investment (ROI) is the profit gained from an investment. It reveals if your investments are truly worth it in the end. The great thing about digital marketing is the ability to measure ROI accurately using digital tracking! 

With traditional marketing, there is no real way to accurately track ROI. You can really only come up with estimations for gains you could get for investments. Digital marketing tracking allows you to measure effectively and budget accordingly. Measure things such as social media analytics, conversion rates, cost per lead, and more.

3. Stand Out From Your Property Management Competitors

Updating your marketing strategy to digital will make you stand out from your competitors. Not only can it give you more visibility, but it can give you credibility with valuable content and reviews online. Some ways to update your content online or begin:

  • Revamp your website (with updated branding- logo, colors, graphics, make sure content is up to date, create clear messaging/clarity on what you offer)
  • Make your online content SEO friendly (with blogs, your website content, & ads)
  • Start an email campaign to keep customers updated & reach out to potential customers in your area
  • Pay Per Click Ads – PPC (Get more website visitors and potential business)

4. Pay Per Click Advertising is Critical For Property Management Lead Generation

Do you ever need new tenants, immediately? This digital marketing tool allows you to generate immediate leads and sales by creating online ads. It’s a form of online advertising where advertisers pay each time a visitor clicks on their ad. You can buy visits to your website rather than attracting them organically (which takes time to build). Paid ads on the search network(s) allow you to target specific keywords towards people in specific locations and times to reach maximum effectiveness online.

If you want to promote a specific property listing at a specific time, paid search is an effective and quick way to do this. It’s one of the greatest tools for a property manager who needs to fill a property quickly and be seen by the right people online!

If you need advice and want a team of experts to help, our Caledon Virtual team of paid search specialists can manage your campaigns and bring our expertise. Our digital marketing agency is dedicated to your success on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. 

Here are some steps we take to ensure your PPC marketing success:

  • Create campaign strategies that are specifically tailored to your company’s needs
  • Produce ads that dominate page one of both Google and Bing search results
  • Optimize your existing campaigns for maximum results
  • Drive more leads to your website while you sleep
  • Get rid of money being wasted on expensive keywords or improperly-optimized paid search campaigns

How To Get Started

Property management is very busy, as you are managing tenants and properties. Hiring property management digital marketing help can be a valuable option. Our digital marketing team at Caledon Virtual offers all of the services we talked about above and even more insight and knowledge about the online marketing world. Our team of experts in this field can help bring our knowledge and expertise to grow your business!

If you want to place your property management business ahead of your competitors, give your brand more visibility, and ultimately find new customers, we can help. We are confident that as we collaborate, the final product you receive is a marketing plan that delivers quick results.

Contact us today to talk about your business goals and collaborate with our team to see your business grow!  We want to show you an ROI.  Property management digital marketing is one of our specialties.