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My father retired on his 50th birthday.  He had only two jobs in his entire lifetime:  picking peaches and strawberries on a farm from the time he was 7 until he was 18, and then he joined the military.  For 32 years, my father climbed all sorts of ladders and found himself on a firefighter ladder as the Federal Fire Chief at the US Naval Base on Guam.  He lived his life with honesty and discipline, he was incredibly humble and quiet, and his lessons were of actions.

I just turned 40 and it seems all of the lessons that my Dad instilled in me are being put into motion.  So my platform today is Ten Things My Dad Didn’t Say, But Did.

  1. Water an avocado tree every day.
    It shows that you are building something to last when you can’t see the immediate impact.
  2. Eat your apple without a pattern.
    Sometimes life is about responding to one another.  Know that you can thrive with spontaneity.
  3. Fish until you catch a fish.
    No matter how long.  Persistence is the key to getting to the finish line.
  4. Wake up before you smell the coffee.
    Plan your life with intentions.
  5. Open the windows even when it’s storming.
    Seek opportunity in all circumstances.