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See the little girl and how bored she is? It's because she just got done watching a Choddy.

We have many enemies here at Caledon Virtual. Squirrels. Red lights. Lint balls. The mere mention of lint balls is a surefire way to send Michael into an apoplectic rage. There is one other thing, above all others, that drives us to fits of rage that would make Lewis Black blush. Boring commercials. Fortunately, our friends at Door Number 3 in Austin have started an organization to fight against this awful trend; Stop The Choddy. So, how does one define a Choddy (i.e. an incredibly boring and uninspired commercial)? Glad you asked: Choddy 101: What is a Choddy?

We’re in an incredibly competitive industry. The creative minds we are matched up against every day are incredibly talented; just look at each year’s ADDY winners here in Columbia. So when we see a Choddy, like this one, or this one, but ESPECIALLY this one, it makes us absolutely furious. The thing is that in most Choddy’s, the message is really important; which makes these ads all the more horrific. If the ad isn’t interesting, why is the audience going to pay attention?

So here’s what we ask of you. Follow Stop The Choddy on Twitter and Facebook. Sign the petition. Most importantly, if you’re a part of the ad creation process; BE CREATIVE. Don’t fall back on these useless and tired tactics. Show your audience that advertising is an art.