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What is your favorite time of year? Many people will argue fall when the leaves start to change color. For us, there’s just something about springtime when the world comes back to life after winter. After the winter we just went through, we’re particularly excited about spring this year. Which is why we’re highlighting Shelter Insurance this week.

This evening, Shelter will turn on their famous fountain, which is the official start of spring as far as we’re concerned. Of course, spring in the midwest means more than the world coming back to life. It means (as we were reminded yesterday), severe weather. Hail, high winds, flooding, tornadoes; they can all strike at a second’s notice and wreak havoc.

Shelter Insurance provides beautiful scenery in Columbia with their fountain and gardens. They also help keep our community beautiful by protecting the things (and people) we love the most. Insurance is something most of us rarely think about until it’s too late. So, do yourself a favor and connect with our friends at Shelter Insurance on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy the photos of their fountain event tonight if you can’t make it.