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Our “Best Of” series continues with Sealy Mattress’ tagline of “Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it”. Connect with Sealy on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The power of a tagline can’t really be overstated. It either inspires imagination and loyalty or a roll of the eyes and a dismissive wave of the hands. Or, even worse, it inspires nothing at all but a shrug of the shoulders. Sealy Mattress’ has a tagline that inspires quite a bit of imagination (a kudos to former Columbia ad agency Pure for creating the tagline a few years back!).

Once you get past the 13-year old jokes that initially pop to mind, you realize just how deep and meaningful that tagline can be. For example, check out this ad:

Does that not just sum up so much about your family? The love, the fights, the “togetherness”. Everything. And Sealy supports it all. Both figuratively and literally. Humor and┬ádouble entendres are great ways to get attention. If you don’t have some substance behind it though, you’ll run into the worst problem of all. An initial inspiration of imagination and loyalty followed by a shrug of the shoulders. And finally a roll of the eyes as your once loyal customers spends their money with your competitors.

A tagline is kind of like a fish hook. Really important to have a good one so you can hook your customers. But you have to have an outstanding rod and reel as well to get them to you. A tagline with as many layers as you can imagine, like what Sealy has, is a huge tool to have in a market where your repeat customer may come see you once a decade. An amazing job at taking a tagline that could simply be a funny double entendre and turning it in to so much more than that.