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Our ongoing series of great taglines focuses on Samsung this week. Connect with Samsung on Facebook and Twitter.

For a very long time, Apple ruled the mobile phone industry with the various iterations of the iPhone. With good reason. The iPhone projected an image of exclusivity, progress, innovation, and a huge “cool” factor. When Google launched Android, there was not a huge rush to jump ship from the USS Steve Jobs. This year, however, an Android phone has finally done what many thought once impossible. Compete with, and hold its own against, the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S III.

“The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”. Those ads were virtually inescapable this summer before the iPhone 5 was released. Since 2007, people had waited restlessly for each new generation of the iPhone. When the S III was released early this year, Samsung staked a lot in that tagline. Implying that their latest phone was going to be better than whatever Apple released later in the year.

In one tagline,¬†Samsung threw down the gauntlet, poked fun at customers of its chief competitor, and pushed mobile phone technology further than Apple had (or in hindsight, would with the iPhone 5). In today’s world, you don’t have much time to deliver your message. Seven words tell Apple users that they can ditch their beloved iPhone for a Galaxy S III because the next big thing is already here.