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We’re taking a break from our typical #FollowFriday this week.

One of the most influential writers of the last 50 years,┬áRoger Ebert, died yesterday at the age of 70. By now you’ve most likely read his obituary and know about his life. He’s inspired more people than will ever be possible to quantify. He did leave a lasting impression on us though.

Ebert loved the movies. LOVED them. What he loved more was creativity, thought provoking material, and fun. Ebert was constantly pushing the envelope. That doesn’t mean he was trying to be controversial; he was trying to expand his reader’s mind. Challenging preconceived notions on the topic of the day, demanding a new perspective, and calling out the injustices of the world. His writing and his personality have inspired us for years

Our work strives to be thoughtful, challenging, fun, and intriguing. We want you to consider what we have to say, be entertained by it, and (most importantly) be influenced. Roger Ebert is one of the most interesting people to have graced the face of the planet. We are all going to miss him. A part of him remains with us through his writing. And based on his blog post earlier this week, he’s set us up for years to come. We encourage you to connect with Ebert’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. It may not be him behind the keyboard anymore, but he will always influence what’s being said.