Rob Wolverton 1Rob Wolverton 1

We continue our series of people who inspire our work at Caledon Virtual this week with Rob Wolverton. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. We tend to buy into that theory. Other than sheer dumb luck, how else do you come up with the idea for inventing something? Vision. Determination. Creativity. These words have defined Rob for the entirety of his career.

Rob is one of those guys that never seems to be completely satisfied with what he’s accomplished. There’s always something more to be done. He’s had his hand in the real estate business in some way, shape, or form for many years, helping to develop property. That wasn’t enough though, he wanted to reinvent himself, and a new company, to help shape the community at large. Enter R. Anthony Development Group.

Rob’s determination to evolve as he sees the market (and niches in the market) develop continue to inspire us here at Caledon Virtual. It’s a reminder that resting on your laurels simply isn’t good business. We like to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace so our clients always have the best sources of knowledge, expertise, and technology at their disposal. Thanks to Rob, we have a role model in how to do that.