Revolution Columbia   a non denominational church in Columbia  MO 1Revolution Columbia   a non denominational church in Columbia  MO 1

When you think about church, what’s the first thing you think of? Probably God in some way, shape, or form. Unlikely that you think of modern, social media, or technology, right? A relationship with God is a deeply personal thing for each one of us. Something to be cherished and nurtured; but how do you reach a modern audience with that message?

Our friends at Revolution Church have been asking themselves that question for a while now. The answer isn’t as complex as you might think. Rather than approach spreading God’s word and awareness about their church through traditional methods the members of Revolution have taken a 21st Century marketing approach. They’ve tapped into FacebookTwitter, and a rather awesome website if we do say so ourselves (shameless plug alert).

The message of God may not change over the years, but the way that message is disseminated to believers must evolve with the times. Most people aren’t going to spend a week down by the river at a revival. They will like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter account, or watch a YouTube video. That’s what makes Revolution’s approach so, well, revolutionary.

Churches are famous (even infamous) for lagging behind the times in terms of how they spread their message. By having an active digital presence, and looking at their church as a business whose product is God’s Love, Revolution has transformed the way in which they reach people. You don’t change the message of God at all. You simply update how you spread that message to the people of the times you live in.

Get in touch with Revolution on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about them. You might even consider joining them for worship on Sunday morning at the Stoney Creek Inn Conference Center.