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There’s nothing better than a client giving you a pat on the back for a job well done. It’s the confirmation that you’ve done exactly what the client wanted and even exceeded their expectations. We received a note from Alternative Community Training recently that we wanted to share with you. This is from Mark Hassemer, the executive director of ACT:

Dear Nelly,

The recent video produced by Caledon Virtual was outstanding, and I want to express my appreciation to you for a job well done! In fact, all of the communications work that you have provided us over the years has been of extremely high quality, and we truly appreciate the professionalism of you and your associates.

Many years ago we connected because of our need to develop a website, and you responded. Not only did you develop the site, but you have also helped keep it relevant with regular updates, as well as doing a complete makeover when that was needed.

When we decided to do a monthly newsletter we turned to you for help. You developed the format, wrote the stories, and published the newsletter in both electronic and paper copies. Then, when we decided we could assume much of the production, you helped us with the transitional support needed to do it ourselves.

Then the video was produced. What a magnificent piece of work! You produced a six-minute message that was shown for the first time to over 400 business members across our community at the Quarterly Membership Breakfast of the Chamber of Commerce. It was well received and more importantly, the call to action has been heard. people have responded and will continue to do so as we share it in other venues across the community.

Your strategy and planning sessions are extremely effective, whether it is in the development of a website, creation of a newsletter, or a video production. These represent just the headlines of how you have helped ACT over the years. You are receptive and responsive to our needs and I value our relationship that has developed.

With Gratitude,

Mark Hassemer

Executive Director