Every Friday, we choose the best of the best to share some love with around Columbia. This being Valentine’s Day, we want to take the time to highlight our outstanding team. We refer to them as family, and that’s the most accurate term of how to describe us. So sit back, grab some chocolate and enjoy a quick highlight of each of our team members.

Nelly Roach is our head coach. She has the direction of Caledon Virtual at the forefront of her mind every day. She confidently leads us in the direction of our dreams and rarely freaks out in front of everyone. Connect with Nelly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

J. Michael Roach is the best of sports. How do we know this? Scan through our Facebook page and count how many cheap shots we take at him. Beyond being a good sport, his creative vision puts our work on award lists year after year after year. We’re fortunate to have him. Connect with Michael on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sean Spence joined us last year and brought with him enough energy to power small towns. We’re happy to have his ideas and passion onboard and look forward to the places his energy will drive us. Connect with Sean on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Kelley Upham is a newer member of the Caledon family, and she’s already making an impact on our business and our culture. If she can change us this deeply, this quickly…what she has in store for the future is truly exciting. Connect with Kelley on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tony Lotven is also a new member of our family here at Caledon Virtual. His thoughtful approach has made us into even bigger fans of him now than we were before he joins us. Be it strategizing or playing the saxophone, we can always count on excellence from Tony. Connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Rob Roach is a hard worker. There’s much more to him than that, but you need to understand that he’s going to school at Mizzou while also closing huge business deals for us. The guy is simply amazing. Connect with Rob on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Emily Hawkins is the calm in the storm at Caledon Virtual. There is so much Emily does for us, but she essentially keeps us all on schedule. She ensures every project is progressing on time and that the work being done meets the exacting needs and demands of ourselves and our clients. Connect with Emily on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Paula Heath is an ambassador of kindness, wherever she goes. Don’t mistake that for a lack of determination and toughness, though. Mama Heath pushes both us and our clients to excel. Connect with Paula on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Rita Dian is an artist. Pure and simple. She is someone we give a vague description of our needs to and she creates amazing work. That kind of talent is rare, and we’re fortunate to have her. Connect with Rita on LinkedIn.

Kaleb Kellar is our administrative intern. If Emily is the calm to our storm, he is the calm to hers. Kaleb takes care of everything so we can continue cranking out the awesome. He’s a key member of the team and keeps Emily out of the madhouse at least once a week. Connect with him on Facebook.

Andrew McHugh just joined our team as a front-end developer, and he’s making our jaws drop already. He’s fit seamlessly into our team, and his ideas are already inspiring us to greater heights. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Matt LaCasse is our Wizard of Oz. He’s the voice of our social media and has even ridden in a hot air balloon. We get compliments all the time about our Facebook page, and that’s in large part to the work that Matt does. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jack Peterson is our creative intern. He churns out a level of art that we’re proud to present to our clients. His personality and humor is a blessing to have in our office. Connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Last, but certainly not least, is Karen Fender. Karen has a very important role here at Caledon. She is our M.O.M.; our Manager of Morale. It is her job to cultivate our culture, which we take very seriously. If people aren’t happy at work, then they can’t produce the level of work we expect. Connect with Karen on Facebook and Twitter.