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Every Friday, we choose the best of the best to share some love with around Columbia. This being Valentine’s Day, we want to take the time to highlight our outstanding team. We refer to them as family, and that’s the most accurate term of how to describe us. So sit back, grab some chocolate and enjoy a quick highlight of each of our team members.

Nelly Roach

Nelly Roach is our head coach. She has the direction of Caledon Virtual at the forefront of her mind every day. She confidently leads us in the direction of our dreams and rarely freaks out in front of everyone. Connect with Nelly on Twitter and LinkedIn.

J. Michael Roach

J. Michael Roach is the best in sports. How do we know this? Scan through our Facebook page and count how many cheap shots we take at him. Beyond being a good sport, his creative vision puts our work on award lists year after year after year. We’re fortunate to have him. Connect with Michael on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins is the calm in the storm at Caledon Virtual. There is so much Emily does for us, but she essentially keeps us all on schedule. She ensures every project is progressing on time and that the work being done meets the exact needs and demands of ourselves and our clients. Connect with Emily on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.