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We have a bonafide conundrum this week. The focus of this week’s post has no social media presence we can find. At least none in English. So, while we want you to connect with Orphea (the brand) and Publicis (the agency) that will prove difficult for most of our readers. Instead, we’ll direct you to connect with where we found out about this ad, Adverblog. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Springtime. Time to get outside and get some color on that pasty skin, fresh air in those lungs, and a spring in the step you lost over the winter. For the Caledon Virtual team, it’s also time to slather ourselves in bug repellent to avoid being eaten alive. Because we’re so sweet, you see. While perusing the tubes of information this week, we happened across this post from Adverblog. Which turned us on to this ad:

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you buy bug repellent? It doesn’t repel the icky things. Using your product to literally make your ad is a brilliant stroke. Does this stuff work? OF COURSE IT DOES. LOOK AT ALL THE DEAD INSECTS ON THE BILLBOARD. It’s creative and gets the message across without any kind of guessing. Orphea kills every insect it comes in contact with.

Milian is the financial and commercial hub of Italy. So, when your billboard grabs not just the attention of that incredibly difficult audience, but a worldwide audience…you’re clearly doing something right. We’re going to learn Italian so we can order boatloads of Orphea this summer.