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I love plopping down in my hairstylist’s chair and when she asks “what are we doing” replying and seeing her eyes light up, “Do what you want, you’re the professional” She does after all, cut and style hair all day long and then teaches other hair stylist nationwide, why would I have any idea or want to spend countless hours on Pinterest looking at what hairstyle I think is going to look the best on me. I leave it up to the professionals!

So when you’re making decisions about how you’re going to spend your marketing dollars for 2015 are you going to consult a professional that works in this area of expertise? If your answer is “No, I can take care of all my marketing needs myself”, then you might be missing an opportunity to let us help you experience your full potential!

  • Money! Yeah that’s right putting it numero uno. Chances are we can save you money and/or get the most bang for your marketing budget. Email marketing campaigns are still one of the most cost effective ways to reach your customers, but there’s some tricks to making it effective. It would take lots of google searches and countless hours. Time is worth money and optimized by doing what you do best.


  • Creativity and Ideas. It often takes someone outside of your company to come up with new ideas and provide an outside perspective on how customers really see your brand. Business owners are often too close to their identity to be objective.


  • Expand your marketing team. We offer a team of photographers, graphic designers, web developers, software developers, social media experts, SEO and SEM professionals, copy writers, videographers, and creative marketing genesis. Most businesses do not have the luxury to have experts in all of these areas. Most often the business owner is challenged finding the internal resources to manage direct contact with the people that want to hear from you, your Facebook followers! Much less someone internally that has the skill set to create professional graphics to brand your company. How important is your image to you?


  • Too many advertising options. With the growing number of options competing for your marketing dollars, how do you decide which is going to be most effective way to reach your customers? How do I integrate different media so they are all working together? It’s enough to make most business owner’s mind spin. It doesn’t have to be complicated and all advertising mediums are good when used effectively. It’s about setting goals and measuring them each month.


Chances are you opened a chiropractic business because you wanted to help people experience less pain and better health. You didn’t go into business to become an accountant, lawyer, human resources and marketing professional just to mention a few. The good news is, finding local experts in their industry isn’t nearly as hard as it seems, the first step is usually identifying what’s a priority on your list, what you want to be an expert in and then as the Nike slogan goes Just Do It!