Centennial Ball 1Centennial Ball 1

We again take a break from our “greatest ever” series this week to focus on the upcoming holiday. Take a look at who, and what, we recommended last year here.

If you clicked on that link above, you know we recommended that you follow the Centennial Ball last year. We debated over and over and over who to recommend to get you ready for all the festivities on Monday evening but we kept coming back to our friend the Centennial Ball. Why? Well, when you have tweets like this:

And this:  

And don’t forget this one:

Those tweets demand, nay, they MANDATE a repeat recommendation to follow. Witty humor is the elixir for the soul, is it not? We hope you have a wonderful, fun, and safe New Year’s Eve. We’ll see you in 2013.

Image: -JvL- via Flickr CC 2.0