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Columbia has lots of secrets. We don’t mean that in an NSA type way, or a gossipy kind of way. We mean it has lots of gems that are just begging to be discovered. The perfect example? The North Village Arts District Farmers & Artisans Market.

From April through October, the F.A.M. operates in downtown Columbia, offering fresh, locally grown produce. And what could be better than picking up fresh veggies for that week’s meals than picking up some locally made artwork to decorate your home with? North Village is a way to nourish both your body and your soul, all at one time.

We all feel rushed during the week. No matter how much you try to plan so stress in your life is minimized, it always seeps in somehow. What we love most about visiting the F.A.M. is how unhurried and peaceful it is. It is a place where spending an hour perusing a wide variety of art and picking up cucumbers for a salad proves to be not enough. We often find ourselves wandering, conversing with the farmers and artists about their wares (side note: can we bring the word “wares” back into the mainstream? Please?) and before we know it more than an hour has gone by. And that is really the point of the F.A.M. It’s a place to commune and enjoy what Columbia has to offer.

Connect with the North Village Arts District Farmers & Artisans Market on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll feel more relaxed as soon as you do.