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There are less than 48 hours until Christmas is here. Can you believe that? Our yearly ritual of setting motion detectors out to identify the exact moment Santa leaves all that we’ve asked for under the tree is ready to begin. Don’t judge. We have more holiday spirit than you do.

An annual tradition for millions across the globe is tracking Santa on his yearly journey using Norad. Norad is stepping it up this year, allowing you to track Santa along with them using Google Earth; you can practically follow Santa right down the chimney. We love following St. Nick each year. It allows us to plan for when we can go to bed and then set alarm for on Christmas morning, assuring us of as little sleep as possible.

It’s such a great tradition for families with young children or families like ours with Michael. That guy has been wearing Christmas socks since Thanksgiving. Seriously. On a somewhat serious note, thank you to all of you; our friends and customers for a great 2011. Merry Christmas!