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For the first time since 1999, a new Google logo has been debuted. Don’t worry, it’s still instantly recognizable. We asked our Art Director, Alicia Troesser, to give us her thoughts on the new design. Overall, she likes the new edition. “It fits what Google has become,” she said. “The new logo is simple and playful, composed of an uncluttered san-serif. In one word, I find it futuristic and isn’t that what Google has always been?”

People will always have polarized opinions when big brands change logos. Remember the hullaballoo over the Gap logo a few years ago? While it remains to be seen whether this becomes a controversial rebrand, one thing is for sure. Love it or hate it, Google isn’t going anywhere. Alicia is making that bet as well, saying, “Wait a week and I bet you’ll grow to love it. And chances are you’ll still google it. Whatever ‘it’ is.”

What lessons can be learned from one of the largest, and most influential, companies in the world rolling out a huge redesign? “Even the most effective, well-known, established brands still require adaptation and flexibility,” Alicia said. “Technology changes at lightning speed and brands must evolve as well. With Google moving under the Alphabet umbrella, that change needed to be reflected.” What do you think of the new logo? Love it? Hate it? Meh?