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Our series of posts about people who inspire us continues this week with Nathaniel Broughton.

In addition to driving not just one or two, but three companies into the Inc. 500, Nathaniel reminds us of one of the greatest competitive qualities in business: Perspective. It’s one of the most important things in life when facing a problem. The ability to change that perspective, and a willingness to do so, is incredibly valuable. That’s  one of the big reasons we love having Nathaniel Broughton in our sphere of influence.

Nathaniel is a guy that, while based in the San Diego area, seemingly spends each night in a different locale. The man is CONSTANTLY on the move, but spends a lot of time here in Columbia and in St. Louis. He and his wife love to travel, which combined with a unique view on business, provides his interesting take on the world. This is why we love to interact with him.

A unique take on each day is an important. You can never get enough perspectives on your business, your thoughts, or your methods.  Here’s a short list of the companies Nathaniel has been a part of:

Surrounding yourself with new experiences, people, and opinions can only help improve your own perspectives. It’s important to remember that there may be a better view out there than your own. Nathaniel is one of those people that reminds us of that each day.