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We’re taking a break from our “Best Of” series this week to highlight Moresource, Inc. because Kat Cunningham is just awesome. The word “joy” comes to mind often when thinking of her. Connect with Moresource on¬†Twitter.

We absolutely LOVE being business owners. Building Caledon from the ground up has been one of the most satisfying experiences of our lives. Interacting with our clients each day, helping to solve their problems and grow their businesses brings us immense joy. You know what doesn’t bring us joy? The actual RUNNING of our business. The tediousness that goes along with all that paperwork in the HR department. It’s exhausting.

Which is why Kat Cunningham is an absolute enigma to us. Her entire business is doing the stuff that other people don’t want to do in their own business. Can you even FATHOM that? PLUS…she pulls off boots like nobody’s business. How can so much awesomeness and fabulousity¬†(we just created a word!) be contained in one person? It remains a mystery for the ages.

Kat and her team give us something to emulate. Passion. We poked a little bit of fun at what Moresource does, but the truth is, we’re quite amazed. Being passionate about what you do is a key ingredient to success. Showing up to work, putting your time in, and heading home may pay the bills, but you won’t get any satisfaction out of life. Living your life with passion for everything in it creates that joy we touched on earlier.

Thanks to Kat and Moresource, we get a bit of that joy every time we see them. Which is quite often since they’re great friends. Now. If only we can come up with a fashion statement that tops those boots…