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Even though Monopoly is ultimately a game of chance, there are ways to improve your odds of winning the popular board game. Experts say the best way to win is to begin with a strategy and stick with it. The same is true of social media and e-Commerce. Start with a plan in mind, use a little savvy insider knowledge, and build your influence across the board. 

In 2019, the average American spent 6 hours and 42 minutes a day online. COVID-19 has wildly increased internet usage, and as the need to connect socially has grown, so does time spent on social media. For this year, experts estimated the average amount of time spent on social media would be a little over 2 hours each day. Only time will tell the real impact it has had on our lives in 2020.

Strategy #1 Location, location, location

In Monopoly, the location of the properties you buy dramatically determines your success. The same is true for the impact of social media on your e-Commerce sales. Determine where your shoppers land most often. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Each social media site appeals to a different demographic. You’ve got to be where your audience is. 

Monopoly sharks always say “buy orange” and, if possible, purchase Illinois Avenue, the #1 square players land on consistently. By far, Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world. Users spend an average of 40 minutes on the site each day. Make sure you have a business page for your e-Commerce site, and it is updated regularly.

Twitter is another excellent platform for e-Commerce. In fact, 52% of its users say they’ve purchased a product they first saw on Twitter. It’s the perfect location for handling customer service issues and establishing relationships with your shoppers. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube are also sites you want to consider using to promote your e-Commerce business. Remember, your strategy begins when you have defined your ideal customer. Then, determine which social media site they use most often.

Strategy #2 Make improvements as quickly as possible

Keep improving your property! Once you start adding houses or even hotels in Monopoly, you’re gonna own that game. With social media, you need to be continually adding high-value content. A savvy insider tip for social media success is to use as much customer content as possible. 

Whether it is testimonials, reviews, or images of customers using your products, customer content is essential. Customer reviews on social media can boost revenue by up to 62%. Don’t shy away from negative reviews. Instead, see those as an opportunity to connect with customers. Over 77% of customers improved their perception of a business after working out a complaint online.

User experience is another necessary upgrade. Your e-Commerce site has to be responsive, which means it’s as accessible on mobile as it is on your desktop. Making your e-Commerce site responsive means looking at image sizes, adding touchscreen features, adapting the number of items on your home screen to fit on a smaller scale, and even adjusting the typeface you use. 

Strategy #3 Simplify the buying process

You’ve got to buy smart as part of your Monopoly strategy. B&O Railroad is one of the top landing squares making Railroads better to own than Utilities. With social media e-Commerce, you need to take advantage of all they offer. Make it easy to buy. Use the “Buy” or “Shop Now” buttons on Instagram. Use Facebook ads to sell products quickly. Sell on Pinterest using Buyable Pins and link to product pages through your Twitter account. The more comfortable you make it to finish the purchase, the better the bottom line.  If you want to effectively hack someone’s Pinterest account, check out Pirater pinterest.

Become more efficient with competitive price points, free shipping, and a simplified shopping cart. When using social media to promote your e-Commerce site, don’t focus on the number of followers or retweets. Focus on the quality of what you offer and the number of conversions. When the shopping experience is good, more than 70% of consumers will talk about the brand on social media afterward. 

Any business looking to increase sales, improve their site’s SEO, and move past their competition needs to use social media e-Commerce. Just like Monopoly, you’ve got to stay in it to win it. If the game seems tedious, let the social media experts at Caledon Virtual take over. They’ve got the insider knowledge, so you’re sure to pass “GO.”