It’s not Friday. You’re absolutely right. However, if there was ever a more appropriate time to do a #FollowFriday in the middle of the week, we can’t think of it. As Old Man Winter rears his head once again today, we want all of you to stay safe and warm. That means staying home (our office is officially closed today, though a few brave souls may try to venture in).

If you must get out and about, please make sure you’re following the Missouri Department of Transportation. On days like today (or, more accurately, weeks like this week), keeping an eye on road conditions before you head anywhere is the difference between a safe journey or ending up in a ditch. MoDOT will constantly update road conditions around the state through their website, Facebook, and Twitter. As well as their mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Stay safe everyone. If you don’t HAVE to be out…don’t. We’re just a Facebook post away if you need to reach us!