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When you think professional photography in Columbia, two things are absolutely certain.

  1. Do not let Michael catch you in anĀ awkward moment.
  2. Send your photos to Miller’s Professional Imaging for prints, proofing, and anything else you may need.

Miller’s has been in Columbia since 2001, and was founded in Pittsburg, KS in 1964. What’s really cool about Miller’s is that its company history mirrors that of CoMo. It started out small and thanks to continued success, has continued to grow. With innovations such as Mpix and MpixPro, Miller’s is positioning itself to meet the needs of every type of professional photographer.

What we love most about Miller’s social media feeds are the connection they have with their customers. From sharing what their clients create with their talents to providing educational opportunities through webinars with renowned people in their fields, Miller’s is plugged into exactly what their clients want from them.

That’s the sign of an engaged brand: knowing what your clients want to hear from you and creating your content around that knowledge. Connect with Miller’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.