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If we began listing the reasons we love Columbia you would likely never read this post. Why? Because we could never possibly list every single thing we love about this town. Right at the top of the list is the wide variety of restaurants we have to choose from, and the unbelievably high quality of food and service of those restaurants.

Sometimes you get a craving, and there’s only one thing that can satisfy that craving. Steak. Glorious, medium rare, lightly salted steak. The kind of steak that is just like M&M’s; it melts in your mouth. One of our favorite places in town to satisfy that craving is Mackenzie’s Seafood and Steak at the corner of 10th and Locust downtown.

The friendliness when you walk through the front door, the impeccable service and suggestions of wine to pair with your meal, the Mackenzie’s experience is one of the most exquisite ways to spend an evening in Columbia. When you’re choosing dinner plans for this weekend, we’d like to point you to Mackenzie’s. Either downtown or just off of North Rangeline on Rain Forest Parkway. Visit them online and plan your meal from start to finish. Because the less time you spend staring at the menu means the quicker your prime piece of steak will be sitting in front of you.

Connect with Mackenzie’s Seafood and Steak as well as Mackenzie’s Prime on Facebook. Just be sure you drool-proof your keyboard before clicking through.