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What is the most quintessential American thing you can think of? If you answered mom and apple pie, you’re close. Both are near and dear to our hearts, but the answer we were looking for is the thrill of driving a car at a high rate of speed. Most accurately depicted by Steve McQueen in “Bullitt”:

Michael recently had the chance to take his son Garrett to STLPDX. Garrett caught the “car bug” when Michael and Nelly were shopping for a new car last year, and they settled on a Mercedes-Benz from Machens. The “Machens Family”, which includes practically every single model of car ever made, are people we’ve trusted for years to guide us in our car buying experiences. The friendly service, honest answers, and outstanding attention after the sale have cemented us for life. Which is all awesome, you say, but tell us more about Michael driving very fast in his Machens Mercedes-Benz with the upgraded “sport” package. As you wish.

Suffice it to say that Hendricks Motorsports is probably breaking the news to Jimmy Johnson that his contract won’t be renewed. Under instructors supervision, Michael put the limits of the Mercedes-Benz to the test. The suspension, handling, and acceleration blew him away. He expected the car to perform. It did much more than that. Machens may not have built the car but they got Michael and Nelly exactly what they were looking for. So connect with Machens on one of their many Facebook pages we linked above or on Twitter and have a car buying experience like none other.