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If you are unfamiliar, Follow Friday is a Twitter phenomenon where users recommend other Tweeters their followers would find some kind of value in. That word “value” can be defined in several different ways. Industry news, news in general, a feed that makes you laugh, you name it. We got to thinking that just listing names is not the wisest of ideas. What’s the value in telling you to follow someone, but leaving out WHY you should follow them? So, each Friday, we will highlight one person (or account) we think you’ll find valuable.

We start with Lee Clow. He is most famous for being half of the creative force behind Apple’s 1984 ad, having led many other national campaigns since. Lee’s twitter feed is a constant flowing mixture of snark, insight, and intelligence revolving around the advertising industry. A small sampling:

Showing smiling people using your product reinforces the important message that paid talent loves being in your ad.

Dear Jr. Team, If you’re going to be irritating, you better cough up some pearls. Love, LCB

Collaboration is not a group of people sitting around telling someone else how to do their job.

Ads are just the love notes in a B2C relationship. Some flirtatious. Some reassuring. Some of questionable taste.

So there you have it. Our first Follow Friday. If you have a recommendation for a Follow Friday, leave it in the comments, or @ us on Twitter.