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Today, I spoke to a leadership class at the new Battle High School, about my personal experience with leadership.

Among other things, I shared this list with them…

Leadership lessons I wish someone had taught me in high school

  • Choose to lead. Most of the time, you can become the leader simply by putting yourself forward.
  • If at all possible, be the one to walk in with a written agenda. The person who creates the agenda runs the meeting.
  • Always be the most prepared.
  • Be the person who gets things done and makes things easy.
  • Learn to count votes; if there is a vote you care about, have it won before you enter the room or don’t let it happen.
  • Get really good at choosing your battles. Let others win the ones you do not really care about.
  • If you can’t be the president, then be the secretary. The secretary keeps the minutes and decides what will be remembered.
  • Never make anyone do anything you would not do yourself.
  • Remember that leadership is not about you, it is about them. Find ways to make people look good and feel good.
  • Be the one to make the hard choices, then live with them.

If these kids are any indication of our future leadership, then I feel both secure and anxious to see the awesome things they will accomplish!

Sean Spence

Partner, Director of Operations and Strategy

Caledon Virtual