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We resume our great taglines series with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Connect with them on Facebook.

Many of our favorite  memories growing up surround food. Dinner together as a family most nights, Thanksgiving turkeys, backyard barbecues on Labor Day, we all know those memories. What about the more every day meals? How many times did your family fall back on macaroni and cheese for dinner? If it is anything like ours, it was quite often.

Kraft launched its “You Know You Love It” campaign a couple of years ago. A nice tagline, it conjures up memories of childhood, and that longing for comfort food from long ago. The tagline itself wasn’t enough to really capture our imagination. And then we saw this spot a couple of weeks ago:

Believe it or not, it takes a lot for us to take notice of the humor in an ad. Maybe its the carrot top afro, or the dad staring at his daughter’s art project in abject horror. “For Dinner. Not Art.” grabbed us, and after visiting the website, we are hooked. This really takes everything that was awesome about childhood and wraps it up into 15 seconds. Comfort food, time spent with family, and our first forays into the creative process.

Kudos to Kraft (as well as CP+B) for creating a tagline and campaign that implores us to buy the product as well as encourages us to support creative outlets for kids. The arts are something left behind as we focus on improving our kids’ math and science skills. You never know. You could be sitting down to mac ‘n cheese with the next Piccaso.

Image: Lulu Hoeller via Flickr CC 2.0