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Our “Best Of” series returns this week as we highlight Kmart and its amazing play on words campaign. Connect with Kmart on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

We love all sorts of ads. Ones with flashy special effects. Ads with huge sets and budgets. Our favorites always end up being the most clever. The new campaign from Kmart certainly falls into the latter category. Last month, we learned that you could ship your pants anywhere in the world at Kmart:

Simply brilliant. A little uncouth? Perhaps. But we can nearly guarantee two things. You laughed at that ad and you’ll tell someone about it. Why? Because it’s unique and there’s nothing else like it for a retail store. If it was a one-and-done type of ad, how much impact could it have? Good question. As of this writing, the “Ship My Pants” ad had more than 17.3 million views. Not to shabby. Trying to catch lightning in a bottle again, Kmart debuted this ad on Wednesday:

I think we can all agree that we’re having some big gas problems right now (and we’re not talking about the burrito you had for lunch). Another clever (if somewhat uncouth) play on words to announce a program the overwhelming majority of Kmart customers will be interested in. In advertising, you can have the funniest, most exciting, most beautiful, most enter-your-favorite-adjective- here ad. If no one is paying attention to it, it is completely worthless. As of this writing, nearly 230,000 had watched the big gas savings ad. Want to take bets on if it exceeds “Ship My Pants”?