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Our #FollowFriday subject this week is unique as they don’t have a social media presence that we can find. We suggest checking out Kielo Travel’s homepage at the minimum. With such a fantastic ad as this, we can at least give them a few clicks.

The one thing any ad must do is drive its audience to action. It has to capture the imagination and make a person want to DO something. If those are the requirements, it is rather shocking how little of that you see in print ads when you flip through a magazine. Be it models draped over some dude or models standing in awkward looking positions it seems like advertising execs have lost their desire to be creative.

Then we come across this ad from Kielo Travel, a travel agency based in Serbia. When an ad jumps off the page (or in this case, screen) and grabs both of your eyeballs screaming, “LOOK AT ME!” we pay attention. To be completely honest, we lost track of all thought for a minute the first time we saw this. All we could think about was a relaxing poolside seat and a drink with an umbrella (NOTE: Michael and Nelly going on vacation next week is completely unrelated. We think.).

The optical illusion here is cool, but what’s really smart about the ad is that the art is done in a way that everyone can relate with. Maybe not flipping through binders full of what we’re assuming is really boring information, but doing whatever it is at your job that just makes you want to find a pool somewhere. You don’t want to put much thought or effort into going on vacation, you just want to go. Enter Kielo¬†Travel. This is what well done creative work looks like. It doesn’t need to be epic. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to drive people to do something and capture their attention.