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Have you ever reached that dreaded point in your work week where you needed a break to clear your head? We’ve all been there. Where you are suddenly facing a never-ending climb that makes the mountain ahead seem insurmountable. Maybe the technique that you’ve been using to provide results has grown stale and ineffective. Maybe your office walls have become a barrier that keeps you from looking out into the world for inspiration. Maybe your mind is overflowing with meaningless information and all you have the energy to do is merely survive. It’s easy to get lost in the frustration when our increased efforts don’t seem to achieve the progress we crave. It’s in these very moments, however, that we need to step back, take stock, and try a different approach.

Last week’s Mid-Missouri PRSA Fall Conference helped us, and many other area professionals, do that very thing. After a day of digesting information and networking with colleagues, we felt ready to pick up our work here at Caledon with new energy and perspective. What a way to jump-start some positive mojo!

We think professional development days are a great idea for any team. Here are a few key takeaways we saw:

Incredible Payoffs for all Participants

No matter the role or level of experience of attendees, there were key takeaways for everyone. Registrants ranged from college students to professors, HR professionals to marketing gurus, business owners to freelancers and it was easy to see how each group could glean a wealth of helpful information without the intimidating stigma most professional development conferences reek of. The informal talks on storytelling, SEO, Social Media, “Tradigital” Marketing, and creating B2B partnerships were both informational and engaging—allowing for easy conversation between the presenter and audience member.

Team Building

Stepping outside of the daily office grind to see your co-workers in a different light (literally) is a great way to renew relationships and foster inspiration. Hearing colleagues speak candidly about everything from the last speaker to which treat was the yummiest on the dessert table is refreshing. Experiencing one another in these types of social and educational situations renews the workplace bond and provides an extra layer of understanding that does nothing but increase productivity.

Industry-Wide Collaboration

Let’s face it. We are all ridiculously competitive. So much so that sometimes we miss the incredible opportunity of collaborating with the best in the field. Instead of willingly sharing our own best practices, we guard them fiercely lest another business get a leg up. What was so refreshing about this conference was the willingness of participants to be open about what is working for them. Instead of enduring a day of one-upping one another, we saw local professionals from many different backgrounds and experience levels come together to lift up the collective whole. The result? A room full of people who were fueled up and ready to tackle that next mountain with some serious intensity.

Are you treading a plateau in your business? Need a kick start to get the creative juices flowing? Collaborating with our team on your next campaign could be that one thing that breaks up the monotony and gets a steady stream of new clients through your doors. From brainstorming concepts and strategies to the final website tweaks and ad placements, we’ll walk you through every step of the way.

Conquer your mountain with Caledon—give us a call today to get started. You’ll be glad you did.