When you think you’ve figured out this whole Google ads situation, they drop something new, and you are playing catch-up.

Caledon Virtual can help you tap into the wealth of promise within Google PPC trends when you are so overwhelmed that you are ready to tap out. We did the heavy lifting and collected some of the top trends that we see impacting the landscape of digital marketing.

What are the top Google PPC trends for 2022?

  1. First-Party Data Usage
  2. PPC Automation and Smart Bidding
  3. Voice Search for PPC Campaigns
  4. The Revolution of AI and Pay Per Click

First Party Data Usage

First-party data usage (FPDU) is the information that is collected, both online and off, by a company. FPDU information is sourced from a company’s website, app, CRM, social media sites, and surveys.

FPDU is the thing that will make cookies useless. As operating systems make it more difficult for companies to collect information without permission from the consumer, digital marketers will be faced with the question of how to engage the consumer of their own free will.

Amping up helpful content and information will become more vital than ever to maintain a robust and top-notch presence.

Our team stays on top of all the metrics, statistics, analyses, and information related to FPDU. Our experts will take a deep dive into your current strategy, consult with you on your expectations and ROI, and help adjust your current campaign to get you the desired results.

PPC Automation and Smart Bidding

PPC automation is exactly what it sounds like: using tech not only to automate your PPC, but also to maximize it. Two words: machine learning – the future of digital marketing is juxtaposed to the past.

PPC automation allows you to utilize technology to provide a brain without a body. Add to that smart bidding, subsets of small bidding strategies used to target the exact customer at the exact moment at the lowest bid possible and it is safe to say the future of your digital marketing is brighter than ever.

To understand the importance and profit-capability of the ROI related to PPC automation and smart bidding, you have to understand the concept of machine learning. Faster, cleaner and independent of the environment, machine learning is the Okam’s Razor of digital marketing: the fastest, smartest solution is always the best solution. PPC automation and smart bidding can turn your digital marketing efforts into a motherlode.

A VR marketing campaign is an advanced, forward thinking idea. But actually creating the platform is not nearly as advanced. Caledon Virtual will consult with you about methods of driving your content to precreated VR simulators, or building one to suit your needs. VR paired with paid search is an immediate win; your patients can see your expertise before they even walk through your door.

Voice search for PPC campaigns

We’ve been talking to Siri, Bixby, and Alexa for years now, telling them what to do, asking them for assistance. Now you can talk to Google, and the impact the voice of Google has on your digital marketing strategy is diving to new depths.

The listening speaker device is slated to be in three out of four homes in the US by 2025 and you will be remiss not to take advantage of that opportunity. Voice search means that content is going to have to become more conversational, less choppy, less technical.

Voice search for PPC campaigns will become the new convenience go-to. Adding words such as “open now” or “near me” or “in the area” will be the crucible in which digital marketing campaigns are made or broken. So understanding which keywords, descriptions, and headlines can best handle an add-on to collect the consumer searching for your business is going to be absolutely vital.

PPC is challenging. Word limits, keywords,the right phrasing are all weights on the scales of measuring the success of an emerging digital marketing strategy. At Caledon Virtual, our content writers understand the importance of stringing words and writing copy that will attract all consumers looking for your product, or as it happens, asking to find you.

Virtual Reality Ads

Virtual Reality, VR for short, has completely reshaped the gaming industry. Since we all know that a good idea doesn’t maintain inertia for long, VR ads are now becoming popular and effective methods of inviting patients into your facility without leaving their homes.

VR is an escapist idea in gaming, but in your marketing world, it can be the equivalence of a before and after picture before you have even met the client. VR can help you simulate ways that you can help your patients improve their appearance before they agree to a procedure.

Think of the popularity of the Snapchat filters – those are interactive VR programs.
Notice they move when you move, create certain changes when you follow the instructions on the screen – now, how could that be helpful to your business?

Imagine a patient being able to “try on” filler treatments or rhinoplasty using a selfie or an app on the phone. How much easier would consultation become? How many more people would book consultations when they see the possibilities?

Understanding the VR experience, and even more importantly, how to create it, is deep, heavy technical brain work. You literally cannot download an app for that. It is sensitive design that requires an understanding of how technology not only creates, but interacts with a reality that only exists when it is told to exist.

It’s a good thing we own some of those technical minds, so to speak. Caledon Virtual can help you create a virtual reality strategy that could potentially increase your ROI three-fold, and in some cases, more. We can help you navigate the mathematical and logistic parameters and help you come out as a virtual winner with actual results.

What is the Future of Google PPC Advertising?

Caledon Virtual will do something that is rarely done in the world of marketing; we are going to be frank and to the point. The future of Google PPC advertising is not a point on the horizon that we can hold your hand and run into with happy smiles and pet unicorns. But, much like everything else, it changes, grows, absorbs, and learns.

Any agency who tells you that you will 100 percent get the highest return using this PPC strategy is lying, or, exaggerating. Of course, no one can predict the future, but Caledon Virtual will promise this: we won’t experiment with your advertising budget.

Our team is daily watching metrics and analytics that tell us what is working, what is working, and what is slowly heading for the iceberg. We can explain the trends and tell you how we believe that they will work, but we would never bet your money on a big maybe.

That is why we understand that Google PPC is not always the correct answer; sometimes, your dollars would make more of a difference in seeking a more refined audience. But, yes, because we know that audience is out there, we’ve done the research.

We will continue to crunch the numbers and analyze the analytics and measure the metrics so that when we tell you to put your money into a more passive social media platform, or your business would benefit from beefing up content so that voice search will find your business at the right moment, it is because we believe that we owe it to you to invest your advertising budget wisely, and that doesn’t necessarily mean to “spend the trend.”

Yes, we want you to be knowledgeable and savvy. Caledon Virtual is positioned to take care of you and offer realistic strategies. In our world, customer care, wise decision-making, frugal spending strategies, and calculated decisions are the trends for 2022 and many years to come. Contact us today.