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At last night’s 3rd annual Celebrity Apprentice event, the Green Team (consisting of our own Nelly Roach, Dean Runyan of Columbia Insurance Group, Lisa Pilkington of Midway USA, and David Coil of Coil Construction Company) took home top prize. The event is held each year as a benefit for JobPoint, who has connected Missourians with jobs since 1965.

The heroes of our tale put their professional reputations on the line and filed this video that took home the top prize. Celebrity Apprentice is one of our favorite events to be involved with each year. Whether it’s winning this year (and yes. You’ll be hearing about this win for the next 365 days), or donating to the cause, any attention we can help bring JobPoint is awesome.

No matter how great or awful the economy is, there are always unemployed people. JobPoint’s mission is to connect those people with jobs that fit their skill set. Specifically, they focus on creating opportunities for persons with disabilities, economic disadvantages and other barriers to employment. They prepare individuals to enter the workforce, while meeting a critical need of the business community.

There are many noble causes to be found in Columbia, but this is one that often goes overlooked. Getting a job doesn’t just help solve, or at least soften, an income issue for people. It increases self esteem, self confidence, and makes a person a productive member of society. It touches so many different issues in our country. So, even if you weren’t able to attend last night and see Nelly and the Green Team bring it home JobPoint Style, consider making a donation to JobPoint and help change the life of someone.