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Follow Jen Reeves on Twitter and her Born Just Right page on Facebook.

South By Southwest Interactive is underway, and there’s TONS to pay attention to in Austin over the next few days. You’ll want to pay attention to this hashtag¬†as there will be lots of news and information coming your way. Another option is following a familiar face as she navigates the streets of the Texas capitol, Jen Reeves.

Jen will be hosting a panel this year, focusing on how social media helps bring the parents of special needs kids together,¬†strengthening the advocacy of that group. Jen’s daughter was born without a left arm, and her Born Just Right page is the story of that particular journey. Looking at the community she’s built there, this will be a wonderful session to attend.

Beyond that session, Jen is one of the smartest social media people we have in Columbia, if not Missouri, if not the country. Her documentation of her Austin experience will be nothing short of spectacular, and we can’t wait to follow it.