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Instagram has finally rolled out its long-awaited advertising capabilities to smaller businesses across the world. Before the repeated “huzzah!” begins, please understand that this is a gradual rollout. Not every brand will be able to utilize Instagram’s goodies just yet.

Patience, young grasshopper.

To whet your palette and prepare you for when you are able to run Instagram ads, here is the low down.

Who can run Instagram ads?

Anyone with a Facebook ad account can run ads on Instagram.

Facebook is merging Instagram’s campaign creation process with the already existing Power Editor.

How do I know if I have access to Instagram ads now?

Access Power Editor from your Facebook Ads Manager account. Click “Create Campaign” and open the “Objective” dropdown list. When you hover over “Clicks to Website” it should say “Create New Ads for Instagram.” If it doesn’t, you may not have access quite yet.

What to Expect:

With the objectives including clicks to website, mobile app installs, video views, and mass awareness, the possibilities of Instagram advertising are endless. Instagram is the fastest-growing mobile property boasting an impressive 300 million users throughout the globe. Early reported average CPC for these ads is only 2 cents higher than Facebook at 42¢ each.

Your Options:

Image Ads – Instagram image ads flow seamlessly throughout the visually stimulating images the Instagram community is known for.

Video Ads – Increasing the accepted length to 30 seconds and offering a landscape option raises the appeal and accessibility for small business marketers.

Carousel Ads – Allow viewers to click through several images relating to your brand.

If your business is trying to connect with millennials, then this is great news. Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates in the social media realm, making it very attractive for businesses that already have a following there or are looking to build one. Want some advice on whether or not this is something for you to look into? Get in touch with us so one of our social media experts can talk with you.