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Samsung is currently trying a new advertising strategy (after concluding that consumers don’t want exploding cell phones as much as their initial market research suggested). Instead, the software firm is peddling their latest market entrant as a travel companion: the phone can act as a translator, boarding pass, high-definition camera, navigator and more. Since the focus has been laid on travel, the phone can also interface with the taxi dispatch system of the vehicle you’d be riding in. The phone is probably a great travel companion, and the ad is indicative of a greater trend in the travel industry: how technology has changed the way we travel. With summer in full swing, we know a lot of you are thinking about traveling, so we decided to help you by taking a look at how technology can make travel even better.

Online booking

When’s the last time you went to an airline’s website to book a flight? Sure, it still happens, but far more commonly, travelers are sourcing their tickets through the numerous online outlets, including and TripAdvisor. You may also find more at And booking doesn’t stop at just flights, either. Hotels are being threatened by consumer to consumer platforms like AirBnB, where homeowners can offer their spacious dwellings to travelers for a better price than many hotels can offer. People can easily look up hotels in Blackpool on their phone and book it even at the last moment. Not all is lost for the hotel industry, however, as coupon marketplaces like Groupon allow for a win-win relationship between hotels and consumers, providing more demand for hotels and better prices for consumers.

More technology, more convenience

Have you ever been stuck in line airport security, your socks on the dirty floor, suddenly realizing that you’re going to have to chug the liter of water you just purchased for $4? Ever watched with jealousy as those TSA pre-screened travelers walked through the empty ropes and into their gate? Although it’s only now becoming popular, the TSA pre-screen program allows travelers faster access to security by checking in early online. Convenient, right? Also, Uber and Lyft, the days of running outside the airport in a new city, trying to flag down a yellow cab are over. With a few swipes and presses, you can have a new car waiting for you outside the sliding doors of the airport moments after touching down. For longer flights, touch screen enabled television sets on every seat mean that the archetypal screaming infant is preoccupied watching his or her favorite cartoon during flight. Thanks to the proliferation of technology flights like Jettly, many of the biggest headaches caused by traveling are reduced or gone altogether.

More Mobile

Like we alluded to earlier, cell phones have revolutionized travel. Think about all of the outdated technology that a cell phone can replace: Airlines almost all have apps that can direct your flight, meaning that craning your neck waiting to see that your flight has been delayed is a thing of the past. The first iPhone hit the market in 2007. Do you think the average ten year old today would even recognize a physical camera? Videos and photos come out clear and high-def from our smartphones and can be uploaded to social media or emailed in seconds. Also, being able to access google translator with your thumbs means that communicating in foreign languages has never been easier. Phones may take over our lives at times, but it’s hard not to recognize all of the positive things they have done as well. Technological advancements have proven to be extremely beneficial for our daily lives. That’s why more and more companies invest in programmers who are highly-skilled and deeply knowledgeable about this dll injector to bring these innovations to life.

If you are thinking about getting away sometime this summer, we hope that our quick summary has helped in some way or another (seriously, register for TSA pre-screen). And if you or your company is thinking of revamping their marketing efforts this quarter, get in touch with Caledon for great market insight and reliable work!