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During the wee hours of the morning, you lay in the dark compulsively scrolling through your mobile Facebook feed, hoping that at some point you will gain the energy to roll out of bed to get ready for your busy day.

Don’t deny it, we know you do. We do it too.

Just as you begin to scold yourself for being incredibly lazy, you see an ad for a nearby dry-cleaning business.

And the lightbulb flashes.

This ad serves as a fateful reminder that you have a career-altering business meeting in two days and your lucky suit is in a wrinkled clump on the floor.

With adrenaline now surging wildly, you jump out of bed. Clicking on the “Directions” button in the dry-cleaning ad, you throw on some sweats, sling the suit over your shoulder, and speed down the street to drop it off.

Whew—that was a close one!

We’ve all been in these last-minute situations where we need a near-by solution—and so have your customers. Thankfully, with the new Local Awareness Ads on Facebook, your business can stay top of mind with those who live and work near your storefront. Setting it up is easy as pie, and the affordability is second to none.

Need to beef up your social media game with local ads? Give us a call today—we’ll put this powerful tool to use for your business.