Healthcare Web Design Tips for 2023Healthcare Web Design Tips for 2023

Healthcare and marketing work closely together. To attract and gain new patients, you must present your practice or healthcare organization as professional and trustworthy.

One way to build trust is through excellent healthcare web design that showcases your expertise, specialties, and services. As potential patients browse your website, they will feel more comfortable scheduling appointments when they see your professionalism, credentials, and experience.

Do you want your websites to deliver better marketing results and more conversions? 

Here are five healthcare web design tips for 2023.

Use High-Resolution Imagery

High-resolution imagery is a must for a professional healthcare website. Potential patients want to see high-end and clear images that showcase your modern and up-to-date brand.

Anything grainy or low-end should be replaced—even logos. If your logo looks grainy, try uploading a larger file size or ask the original designer to provide a better file type, such as a vector.

If possible, using your own photography is better than stock imagery. It will look more authentic and also build trust among potential patients. If you choose to go this direction, hiring a professional photographer will deliver the best results.

Display a Consistent Color Palette

Having consistency in your marketing plays a role in building trust. Creating and referencing an official color palette for your brand and using it throughout your website will market your practice or organization as professional and organized.

It will also help the viewer see a flow to the style of your website. They will notice which colors are the most significant and notice your accent colors woven throughout the website. 

The colors you choose speak volumes about your brand based on psychology, so choose wisely. Marketing leader, HubSpot, breaks down each color to share the underlying meanings

Blue can indicate trust, while green can represent health. Black is rarely used in the healthcare industry because it resembles death and mourning.

For reasons like this, we can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right colors for your website and general branding.

Establish Hierarchy with Typography

Similar to color choices, ensure your typography is consistent as well and establishes a hierarchy. Hierarchy is a design element that communicates the most important elements of the design through size and layout. 

For instance, your eyes will travel to a large title first, and then smaller secondary headlines, followed by regular paragraphs. Your eyes also read from left to right, so anything left-aligned will be noticed first.

Using hierarchy guides the website visitor through your site and reduces any confusion or provides them with a sense of direction. 

You can also apply a hierarchy to other elements of your website by enlarging or minimizing certain graphics, buttons, or icons. What do you want potential patients to see first when they visit your website? 

Hierarchy is an especially helpful tool that companies use when trying to generate more leads. Many websites have large call-to-action buttons that follow you as you scroll down the page and navigate between pages. 

Create a Clean Layout with White Space

White space is an underrated design element. We must resist the urge to fill all available space with content or imagery and instead recognize the role it plays in a professional website. 

By using adequate white space around your website, you deliver a clean experience that doesn’t overwhelm visitors. White space and hierarchy are complementary. White space enables viewers to clearly see the hierarchy on the page and follow it through your website.

White space can also work in your favor in terms of branding. White has long been associated with healthcare as it’s clean, sterile, and associated with medical lab coats. This can be beneficial for further communicating your professionalism.

Put Your Logo Front and Center

Last but certainly not least, your logo is at the heart of your healthcare brand. If you feel it’s not communicating or representing your brand accurately, it could be time for a rebrand. 

There are many components to consider when redesigning your logo, including the icon or bug, font, style, and color(s). Every piece of a logo describes your brand to your potential patients. As a healthcare organization, you will want to aim for clean and modern for your design choices.

Once you have an excellent, high-quality logo that communicates who you are and your mission, ensure it is in a prominent position on your website. You want visitors to remember your logo and associate it with your healthcare practice or organization.

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