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Our “Best Of” series continues this week with Grasshopper Mowers tag line of “It’s So Much Mower”. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

We’ve talked about how much we enjoy thoughtful and witty advertising. Intelligence in advertising is something of a lost art, and we love seeing it in all forms. Tag lines that make you think, ads that force you to ponder and reflect. And then there’s Grasshopper Mowers tag line of “It’s So Much Mower”.

What’s not to like about that tag line? The play on words, the literal statement, and the total lack of pretentiousness. It’s very refreshing as we see so much humor in advertising tries so hard. Being comfortable in your own skin is a tough thing to pull off for a brand, especially when your product isn’t exactly something people pine for. When’s the last time you talked to someone pumped up to go buy a new lawnmower? That purchase ranks right up there with a new alternator or new tires.

When you can make a positive emotional connection with your potential customers, you’re a step ahead of your competitors. Especially when your product is something people aren’t bragging about at the weekend barbecue. Unless it is their brand new mower everyone is eyeing of course.