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Do you know what time of year it is? Not Valentine’s Day time. Not “so cold out icicles form on my eyelashes” time. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES TIME. We are slightly excited about this as our stash of Thin Mints just ran out last week. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a box of cookies for each week of the year, right?

Of course, cookies are the first thing that many of us think of when we think of the Girl Scouts, but there are many other things that should come to mind. Leadership, strong values, social conscience,  and self-worth. The lives the Girl Scouts touch are too numerous to count, even here in Mid-Missouri. This is an organization that helps mold our young girls into the women that will lead us in the future.

When you’re buying that box of Tagalongs remember what you’re really buying. An education on how to become a leader of society. Just in an incredibly delicious way.

What are your favorite Girl Scout cookies?