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A recurring theme for our #FollowFriday posts is just how many cool and unique things our community has to offer. One of our favorites is just a short drive west of Columbia. Rocheport is just an incredibly cool river town. And who better to tell the story of this fascinating little burg than the Friends of Rocheport?

The Friends of Rocheport have been around since 1967, preserving and caring for the history of their town. When you have a town as neat as Rocheport, it’s really important to tell its story. Which is why a group like FoR exists. Telling the story of your town is really a never-ending journey since the story of your town is never really over. When you have a group of people passionately dedicated to preserving the history, and telling the story, of your town amazing things happen.

When we hear about organizations like Friends of Rocheport, we want to figure out how we can support them. Fortunately, they’re having a fundraiser at the Community Hall to make that happen. Stop by anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. next Friday-Sunday and pick up your plants for spring. You’ll be able to beautify your yard and support an organization dedicated to the preservation of one of the coolest parts of Mid-Missouri.

Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter and learn all about the history of Rocheport…and it’s future.