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Typically, we start off our #FF posts with something funny (at least WE think it’s funny) or lighthearted. There’s really nothing funny or lighthearted about substance abuse though. It’s a serious problem in our country; one that has ripped apart families and destroyed communities. That’s why we’re asking you to connect with Phoenix Programs this week.

Phoenix Programs focuses on promoting recovery, so rather than trying to attempt someone to “quit drugs”, they encourage positive behavior. They want their clients to put their energy into something that will make their lives positive rather than their addictions. Our Nelly Roach has recently become a member of the Phoenix Programs board of directors. We’re incredibly proud of her for taking this leadership role in the community. This is an important issue in Columbia, and anything we can do to help raise the profile of Phoenix Programs is something we’re happy to help with. Connect with Phoenix Programs on Facebook; and if you or someone you love needs their help, don’t be afraid to contact them.