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Tis the season for giving! As this Christmas comes around the corner, certain Columbia treasures will gear up for the influx of customers visiting and purchasing gifts for their loved ones. Liz Tucker from Poppy, is no stranger to this experience.

As you walk into the Poppy store front, your senses become heightened as you pass by all of the small gadgets, and artistic pieces that are on display. During Christmas season, you’ll find customers strolling in and out, picking up pieces by the dozen and purchasing them.

There is something about local merchandise businesses that attract the meaningful Christmas gift giver. Lot’s of the pieces displayed at Poppy are original and one of kind. This can offer uniqueness to a gift giver’s present to their special someone. Poppy can be compared to a local boutique of elegance, sophistication, beauty, and originality. Liz, owner and operator of Poppy wants her customers to feel the culture, and engulf themselves into the beauty of her products. How could anyone pass up visiting such an amazing boutique shop for their loved ones gifts this Christmas?

We believe it’s important to be original. Poppy takes this value to the next level. Originality meets sophistication, practicality, and pure awesome-ness. Check Poppy Out this month before Christmas hits!