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An artist's rendition of the first ever Caledon Virtual/KimberMedia family picnic

We love family. Holidays, birthdays,¬†anniversaries, fishing expeditions; you name it. That’s why we’re so excited to highlight our sister-company KimberMedia today.

Kimber is an agency specializing in social media, SEO, and website maintenance that’s owned and operated by Michael and Nelly Roach and Tom and Kim Trabue. They’ve hired some nifty people along the way including Ryan Crowe, Matt LaCasse, Adrienne May, and Joe Schmitter.

The philosophy of KimberMedia is easy to find. It’s right on the front page of their website:

“We understand the difference between blindly shouting to the world, and having intimate conversations with the customers who are most likely to reward you.”

If you’re going to hire someone to do social media, you don’t want someone who is selling their services simply because it’s the latest thing, or an easy way to make a dollar. KimberMedia believes in founding their social media, SEO and web maintenance strategies on sound marketing principles. You see, it’s not about being the best at social media; it’s about being the best at representing the client no matter WHAT the arena is.

Online marketing and PR is Kimber’s strength, there’s no doubt about that. The ability to see past the hoopla surrounding social media currently and point clients towards success online that goes beyond followers, friends, fans, and check ins is what sets KimberMedia apart. We hope you’ll connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and on their website. If you have questions for them, reach out to any of the partners or the account managers. They’re all really friendly people. Except for that Matt guy. He’s a Cubs fan, so we just try to ignore him as much as possible.