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iOS5 Logo courtesy of TechCrunch

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Just one week after the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple unveiled iOS5. The new operating system from Apple is the latest edition of the technology giant’s mobile software, and its early reviews are quite good. Other than a snag where everyone with an iDevice was apparently trying to download iOS5 at the same time, upgrades appear to have been going smoothly.

Surprisingly, Apple does not have an official Facebook or Twitter page, but fear not. We’ll point you to the sources of information you need to keep up to date with the latest on iOS5. Christina Warren of Mashable has done a masterful job of keeping on top of all the breaking news, and has a great Top 10 list as to why you need to upgrade. Warren does a wonderful job of staying on top of Apple related news for Mashable, even if her main “beat” is entertainment.

Greg Kumparak is the mobile editor for TechCrunch, so while he isn’t Apple specific, he certainly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to iOS5. Kumparak, again, has a history of being on top of all things mobile, and is well worth the space in your Twitter timeline.

The Next Web is one of our FAVORITE sources of info. Much like Mashable and TechCrunch, TNW covers news related to the online world. Matt Brian covers the Apple beat for TNW, and does it quite well. In fact, TNW does the best job of covering the news having dedicated reporters, beats and even Twitter accounts for those beats.

What are your favorite Apple-related sources online? We’ve given you our two favorites; who do you count on?