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We pride ourselves on our local small business prowess here in Columbia Missouri. Visitors tend to migrate towards the local pubs, bars, and restaurants. These collections of local hotspots truly create the culture that IS Columbia Missouri. bleu Restaurant and Catering has been one of the major contributors in creating the cultured atmosphere in Columbia. Equipped with a young and professional customer service team, and an award-winning cooking ensemble bleu shows Columbia what it truly means to be a restaurant.


Just ask Travis Tucker the owner of bleu Restaurant and Catering; his poise and quite confidence truly help in creating an influential impact for Columbia’s small restaurant businesses. The values of original cooked dishes, and quality service help bleu attain levels of satisfaction that many big chain restaurants dream of achieving. It’s always nice to see a fellow small business succeed.

At the end of the day we value our relationships. Caledon’s heart is definitely warmed by the true dedication to relational, marketing, service, and quality products that Travis and his team display on a daily basis. Cue the tears.


Head out to bleu today and try everything on their menu. You won’t be disappointed.