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Photo courtesy of US National Archives via Flickr

Hard to believe, but back to school time is officially upon us. Stores have been jam-packed with families stocking up on all the necessities, and college students are once again roaming the streets. So how’s a person supposed to keep up with everything they need to know? We’re glad you asked.

Sadly, Columbia Public Schools doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter page, but they do have a website, which is full of great information. We recommend you do some poking around there. Columbia Independent School has classes starting soon as well. The college preparatory school, located on Stadium Boulevard, just north of I-70 can be found on Twitter (@CISRoar) and on Facebook. What an amazing and rich academic foundation our children have in CPS and CIS. We’re blessed to have both of them available to our kids.

Of course, after they graduate from high school comes to college. With three top tier, higher education institutions in Columbia there’s no lack of choice for where to continue your education. Especially if you want to be a marketing major. Mizzou leads the way, and a great way to keep up to date with the latest happenings on campus are MU’s Twitter (@Mizzou) and Facebook feeds. From advice about the best strategies for getting moved into the dorms to letting the rest of us remember what it was like to be young once upon a time, these feeds are must follows for anyone connected to MU.

Columbia College is also getting ready for all of its students; be they on campus, evening or online students. @ColumbiaColg on Twitter and on Facebook are keeping students, parents, staff and the community up to date with what’s happening over there at the corner of Rangeline and Rogers. Stephens College is welcoming in their students just down the road from Mizzou and Columbia College. For the latest happenings on that campus tune in to @StephensCollege on Twitter and on Facebook.

There’s one more entity out there we’d be remiss not to mention. That’s a new Facebook page launched by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce called Connect2CoMo. It’s a one-stop-shop for students of all ages learning their way around Columbia. Businesses are allowed to post on the page about their services, letting the students know about them.

That’s a lot of information to digest. So, before we send you on your way, let’s all join hands and sing our favorite back to school song together. Because it’s just not back to school time until you sing along with Billy, is it?